Secondary Inclusion Resource (SIR)

It is imperative that young people who can become increasingly disengaged with their learning can access and continue to thrive in an environment which best suits their individual needs and that of the wider school community.

The vision for SIR is to develop a greater sense of inclusion, wellbeing, improve attendance and attainment and prepare young people for post school transition. As a result, attendance and attainment has improved, young people attending ILP have an average attendance of 95.8% and have achieved at least 5 National qualifications and in many instances 7/8 in one academic year (senior phase) SIR presently has a 100% record of young people in a positive destination post school.

It benefits the whole school community as it has improved attendance and attainment figures and has reduced incidents of disruption in Irvine Royal Academy. The wider community has benefited as a number of young people attending ILP have been involved in criminality prior to and initially whilst attending SIR, in the vast majority of cases young people have reduced their criminality. This can be linked to a greater sense of inclusion. Close working with partner agencies e.g. Drug and Alcohol intervention services, YPST, Social Work, Police Scotland and Children’s panel service have led to young people being supported to make increasingly positive choices and securing positive destinations once they leave Irvine Royal Academy.

The SIR is staffed by A Knox (PTG) and J Marwick (PTG), D Gordon (Outreach worker), J Murray (class teacher) and M Murray (classroom assistant).   Each YP accessing SIR will be discussed collaboratively with their Principal Teacher of Guidance by A Knox, J Marwick and J Hosie (DHT) to gauge appropriateness of the support request. A SIR profile and action plan will be created with a view to increasing attainment, attendance and preparing young people for a transition back to mainstream class or post school provision.

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