Irvine Royal Academy - Staff List



 Mrs Linzie Sloan - Head Teacher


Depute Heads

Mrs Clare Dollan - Depute Head Teacher, Arran House

 Mrs Jill Hosie - Depute Head Teacher, Bute House 

 Ms Gillian Pryce - Depute Head Teacher, Cumbrae House



Mrs Davidson PTG - Arran

Mrs Gibson PTG - Cumbrae

Mrs Clifford PTG - Bute


Departments and Faculties


Mrs Cook FH

Mrs Reid

Mrs Clark

Mrs Hunter

Miss Cadden

Mrs Donaghy

Mrs Mitchem

Mr Hill

Mrs Lamont

Mrs Lowrie


Mathematics and Numeracy

Mrs Murray FH

Mr Ward - Acting FH

Mr McNiff

Mr Jones

Miss Hamilton


English and Literacy

Mrs Andrews FH

Mr Kee

Mr Riley

Mr Quinn

Miss Tomelty

Mr O'Neil 



Mr Love PT

Miss Davies

Mr Robertson

Mr Muirhead


Modern Languages

Mrs Forsell

Ms Pesci


Social Studies & RME

Miss Elliott FH

Miss Muir  FH

Miss McNeil

Mr Mann

Mr Elliot

Miss Merrilees

Mr Campbell


Physical Education

Miss Howie FH

Mr Couper

Mr Farrow

Mrs Cains

Mr Walker

Mr McKelvie



Mrs Murray FH

Miss Carten

Mrs Denham - Student Mentor

Mr McAvoy

Miss Sharp

Miss Cryans



Mr Jeffrey

Mr Sands


Home Economics

Mrs Inch 

Miss McKechnie




Mr Knox 

Mrs Marwick

Miss Gordon

Mrs Murray


Pupil Support

Miss Wotherspoon PT

Mrs Kenefick 

Mrs Mann


Secondary Support Resource

Ms Gibson

Ms McFarlane

Mr Mackintosh

Ms Lindsay


Classroom Assistants

Ms Sneddon 

Mrs Cornelius 

Ms Robertson 

Mrs Page

Mr Finnigan

Ms Slade

Ms Gibson

Ms McMeekin

Ms Welsh


Other Staff

Family Learning - O McLay

Library - Mrs McPhee

AIW - Miss Johnstone

Social Worker - Ms Reid

School Nurse - Katrina Moffat

Campus Officer - PC Lewis

MCR Pathways - Lisa Campbell

Welfare Rights Officer - Audrey Ritchie

Careers Officer - Mrs Callan

Educational Psychologist - Ceri McMillan

Barnardos Worker - Louise Samson - PEF

Counsellor - Ms Watkins/Ms Hazell

Technical Technician - Mr Glachan

Science Technician - Mr Mccowan

IT Technician - Mr McAlpine

EBO - Mrs MacMaster

Finance - Mrs Cassidy

Office - Mrs Lindsay

Office - Mrs Whyte

Office - Mrs Hendrie

Office - Ms Sneddon

Active Schools - Mr Fraser

Janitor - Danny Cairns

Janitor - Peter Fulton

Janitor - Dougie MacCormick

Head Cleaner - Christine O'Donnell





For all the latest information and advice on how Irvine Royal Academy is adapting to deal with Covid-19, including school social distancing measures, home learning during lockdown, symptoms, testing and self-isolating, please click the link below.

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P7/S1 Welcome Videos

The different departments have created short welcome videos to introduce the staff and the subjects taught in them. Have a look and see who your teacher could be.