Irvine Royal Academy - Staff List



 Mrs Linzie Sloan - Head Teacher


Depute Heads

 Ms Jill Gilchrist - Depute Head Teacher, Bute House

 Ms Clare Bethell - Depute Head Teacher, Arran House

 Ms Gillian Pryce - Depute Head Teacher, Cumbrae House


Departments and Faculties


Mrs Cook FH

Mrs Reid

Mrs Clark

Miss Cadden

Mrs Donaghy

Mrs Mitchem

Mr Hill - NQT

Mr McArthur


Mathematics and Numeracy

Mrs Murray FH

Mrs Long -  PT Data

Mr McNiff - PT STEM

Mrs Mann

Miss Hamilton

Mr Griffin


English and Literacy

Mrs Andrews FH

Mr Kee - PT Raising Attainment

Mr Kelso

Mr Quinn

Miss Tomelty

Mr O'Neil - NQT

Ms McKillop



Mr Love PT

Mrs Gibson PTG

Mr Hagen

Mr Hume

Mr Robertson

Ms Davies


Modern Languages

Mrs Forsell

Ms Pesci


Social Studies & RME

Miss Elliott FH - currently absent

Mrs Marwick

Miss Muir - Acting FH

Miss McNeil - PT DYW

Miss McClay

Mr Elliot

Miss Merrilees

Miss Leitch

Miss Smith - NQT


Physical Education

Miss Howie FH

Mr Couper - PT Communications

Mr Frew - PT Outdoor Learning

Mr McKelvie

Mrs Cains - PT Learning and Teaching

Mr Traynor - NQT



Mrs Murray FH

Miss Carten

Mrs Denham - Student Mentor

Mr McAvoy

Miss Sharp

Miss Cryans

Miss Stewart



Mr Jeffrey

Mr Sands


Home Economics

Mrs Inch - PT Sustainability

Miss McQueen



Mrs Davidson PTG 

Mrs Gibson PTG

Mrs Clifford PTG

Mr Knox - ILP

Mrs Marwick - Targeted Support


Pupil Support

Miss Wotherspoon PT

Mrs Kenefick 

Mr Muirhead - PT Family Learning

Ms Gibson - Inclusion Support Resource

Ms O'Neil - Incusion Support Resource

Mr Mackintosh - Classroom Assistant - ISR

Ms Lindsay - Classroom Assistant - ISR

Ms Sneddon - Classroom Assistant

Mrs Cornelius - Classroom Assistant

Ms Robertson - Classroom Assistant

Mrs Page - Classroom Assistant

Mr Finnigan - Classroom Assistant

Ms Slade - Classroom Assistant

Ms Gibson - Classroom Assistant



Other Staff

The Sphere - Mrs Schofield

The Sphere - Ms Welsh

Family Learning - Mrs Landon

Library - Mrs McPhee

AIW - Miss Johnstone

AIO - Miss Gordon - PEF

Social Worker - Ms Reid

School Nurse - Katrina Moffat

Campus Officer - PC Ferguson

MCR Pathways - Lisa Campbell

Welfare Rights Officer - Audrey Ritchie

Careers Officer - Mrs Callan

Educational Psychologist - Claire Cunninghame

Barardos Worker - Louise Samson - PEF

Counsellor - Ms Watkins/Ms Hazell

Technical Technician - Mr Atkinson

Science Technician - Mr McKowan

IT Technician - Mr McAlpine

EBO - Mrs MacMaster

Finance - Mrs Beattie

Office - Mrs Lindsay

Office - Mrs Whyte

Office - Mrs Hendrie

Office - Ms Sneddon

Active Schools - Mr Fraser

Janitor - Danny Cairns

Janitor - Peter Fulton

Janitor - Dougie MacCormick

Head Cleaner - Christine O'Donnell





For all the latest information and advice on how Irvine Royal Academy is adapting to deal with Covid-19, including school social distancing measures, home learning during lockdown, symptoms, testing and self-isolating, please click the link below.

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P7/S1 Welcome Videos

The different departments have created short welcome videos to introduce the staff and the subjects taught in them. Have a look and see who your teacher could be.