North Ayrshire Council Holiday Lists

CLICKING HERE will take you to the North Ayrshire Council School Term Dates web page, where you can print off a Calendar format school holiday plan, and also access the following year's holiday list.


School Holidays 2021-2022 

Schools reopen (Sessions 2021/22):  Wednesday 18 August 2021

Staff only (in service day):  Monday 20 September 2021

Schools close:  Friday 8 October 2021

Schools reopen:  Monday 18 October 2021

Schools close:  Wednesday 17 November 2021

Staff only (in service day):  Thursday 18 November 2021

Schools reopen:  Tuesday 23 November 2021

Schools close:  Wednesday 22 December 2021

Schools reopen:  Thursday 6 January 2022

Schools close:  Thursday 10 February 2022

Staff only (in service day):  Tuesday 15 February 2022

Schools reopen:  Wednesday 16 February 2022

Schools close (Easter holidays):  Friday 1 April 2022

Schools reopen:  Tuesday 19 April 2022

Holiday:  Monday 2 May 2022

Staff only (in service day):  Friday 27 May 2022

Holiday:  Monday 30 May 2022

Schools close:  Wednesday 29 June 2022


Schools reopen (Sessions 2022/23):  Thursday 18 August 2022





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