The Secondary Support Resource started in Irvine Royal Academy in 2021 with the aim of assisting the transition of p7 pupils with additional support needs into S1 mainstream classes where appropriate/applicable.

After a successful pilot year, all S1 pupils transitioned into mainstream classes following their SQA curriculum. The pupils still receive support in class and in the SSR base to compliment the transition process.

The resource has grown and now offers support for up to 12 pupils with health, attendance and barriers to learning amongst the extra supports in place.

The resource offers 2 classrooms as a base for learning, wellbeing and a supported structure for our S1, S2, S3 and S4 pupils. The attendance in these bases are either permanent or timetabled based on the needs and pre-agreed plan for the pupil.

We work with the SHANARRI indicators and nurture principles, within a quiet, nurturing environment where pupils feel safe, secure and are able to express their feelings. GIRFEC is the SSR’s priority for every young person and can be reflected in the bespoke and flexible timetables for each pupil in the SSR. In addition and often the pupils personal interests and hobbies are included as part of the learning and engagement in the classroom.


Initially, Numeracy, Literacy and HWB are the targeted areas in the SSR with visits to The Library, Science, Technical and Music. Throughout the year and as confidence grows, our young people are introduced to other subject areas in the wider school and gradually integrated into classes with one-to-one support where appropriate/applicable. This support remains until they feel able to attend and participate in classes without support.

Being involved in the life of the school is important to all in the SSR. Litter picking and gardening is encouraged on a weekly basis. Our young people take part in school themed days such as Purple Friday, LGBTQ+ events, STEM challenges and Maths/Literacy challenges.

Here in the SSR we encourage our young people to be involved in local community events, such as taking part in ASN multisport events, National Gallery projects and Coastwatch. As part of our ongoing animation projects we attend Into Film events. The UK-wide programme helps educators bring learning to life for 5-19 year olds by inspiring them to watch, make and understand film in a new and creative way. This includes learning resources which encourage and utilize literacy skills and creative writing to review and analyze the media they have viewed, read or listened to.


A variety of external agencies support our young people, such as Barnardos, MCR Pathways mentoring, Social Work, Educational Psychology and the Visual Impairment team. Our young people can access internal supports such as the Area

Inclusion support, School Counsellor, MCR Pathways, Campus Police, Pastoral Support and a Careers Advisor.


Young people are referred to the SSR through the North Ayrshire Inclusion Group, who meet on a regular basis.

Once the pupils profile and plan has been discussed and timetable agreed there will be a target of achieving literacy and numeracy targets, units, qualifications and collecting evidence of learning and work towards consistent learning, attendance and preparing pupils for either/or a transition back to mainstream class or positive destination in their post-school life.



R Gibson (Teacher)

F Macfarlane (Teacher)

T Lindsay (Classroom Assistant)

B Mackintosh (Classroom Assistant)

D Moran (Classroom Assistant).


To learn more about our achievements to date, please have a look at our newsletters attached:

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SSR Newsletter - September 2021

SSR Newsletter - October/November 2021

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