Google Classroom

219x161-googleclassroom.pngGoogle Classroom is Irvine Royal Academy's chosen way to engage with pupils during home learning. This was used extensively during the lockdown periods and will be continued as a major resource to improve teaching and learning. Each pupil should have been invited into their class google classrooms and should accept these invites through their Glow login. If they have not been invited pupils should contact their class teachers or class code link below..

Google Classroom can be downloaded as an app and is easy to use on smart phones, tablets and PC/Laptops.

Pupils login should be their Glow login with the following substituted after the @ sign. Once they login for the first time, they will be directed back to their glow accounts to autherise their login. Once this is completed it should not need done again.

Google Classroom will allow your child/dependant to access work and activities assigned by their teachers. Teachers will regulary update this with classwork and tasks that pupils can complete in school and at home.


The new link to 2023/24 access Codes to allow pupils to sign up for various online classes:

Classroom Codes 2023-24

Note: these codes are for use by Irvine Royal Academy pupils only, and staff will be able to remove requests that do not meet their specifications.

Click the link below to access tutorials on how to work on Google Classroom:

Using Google Classroom Tutorials

Google classroom can be accessed from your games console. Click on the following link fo instructions on how to use your Xbox or PlayStation to do so:

Xbox & PlayStation Instructions

Alternatively, click the relevant link shown below for a particular tutorial:

1. Submitting Work on Google Classroom

2. How to Access Google Classroom





For all the latest information and advice on how Irvine Royal Academy is adapting to deal with Covid-19, including school social distancing measures, home learning during lockdown, symptoms, testing and self-isolating, please click the link below.

Latest Covid-19 Information & Advice


P7/S1 Welcome Videos

The different departments have created short welcome videos to introduce the staff and the subjects taught in them. Have a look and see who your teacher could be.