Pastoral Support


Pastoral Support provides the link in the educational chain between home, the various departments in our school and external agencies/partners. We aim to address individual children’s needs in a holistic way to remove or reduce any barriers to learning to allow our young people to attain and achieve their full potential.

All teachers in a school have a clear responsibility for the children’s welfare but it is the Pastoral Support Principal Teacher who has an ‘all round’ picture of an individual pupil’s progress – both academically and in terms of their wellbeing – and, under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, acts as the child’s Named Person. As this essential link we are a crucial resource within the school and provide pupils, parents/carers and staff with a key professional who is the main point of contact for the individuals in our care. 

Our Pastoral Support staff work alongside the other members of their House team to ensure supports and interventions required by our young people are accessed and in place at the right time to ensure they are getting it right for every child.  Their weekly house updates share key information with all staff to ensure the appropriate supports can be out in place when our young people are in classes learning. 



DHT: Claire Bethell

PT Pastoral: Liz Davidson

House meeting: Wednesday Period 1

Learning Support Link: Ross Muirhead



DHT: Jill Gilchrist

PT Pastoral: Lorraine Clifford

House meeting: Monday Period 6

Learning Support Link: Karen Wotherspoon 



DHT: Gillian Pryce

PT Pastoral: Laura Gibson

House meeting: Tuesday Period 2

Learning Support Link: Maureen Kenefick


Targeted Pastoral Support 

Jacqui Marwick & Alan Knox (ILP)

Mrs Marwick & Mr Knox work collaboratively with all DHTs to support the young people in her caseload. 




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