Nurture Provision - The Sphere


The Nurture Provision which is known as “The Sphere” aims to provide support for pupils primarily from S1 to S3 in the following ways –

  • Facilitate and lead the learning of groups of pupils who experience a range of needs and challenges (primarily social, emotional and behavioural)
  • Play a lead role in the development of the nurture group, and whole school nurture, in accordance with the nurture principles to ensure that barriers to learning are reduced.
  • Work positively in partnership with parents/carers and external agencies as appropriate to support young people’s social, emotional and behavioural challenges
  • Provide support for a named group of children through a carefully structured timetable
  • Establish secure and trusting relationships with pupils to facilitate their learning and development
  • Plan and deliver engaging and motivating experiences relevant to the nurture principles (children’s learning is understood developmentally; the classroom offers a safe base; nurture is important for the development of self-esteem; languages is a vital means of communication; all behaviour is communication; transitions are significant in the lives of children).
  • Contribute to the professional development of colleagues through coaching and mentoring, demonstrating effective practice and providing advice and feedback.






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P7/S1 Welcome Videos

The different departments have created short welcome videos to introduce the staff and the subjects taught in them. Have a look and see who your teacher could be.