ART CLUBS                          

BGE S1 to s3

S1 – Core Theme – Identity

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  • Introduction to the Visual Element – Folder cover will be created with personalised font design that show pupils personal interests and hobbies.
  • Portraiture unit -  Pupils create self-portraits, adding in their own personal background. Using Klimt, Van Gogh and Lichtenstein as inspiration.
  • Clay Peter Chang fish pot – Pupils will create a 3d  pot as a gift for an important person at Xmas.
  • Still life – Home, all pupils will take a photo of a favourite cup in their house or bring one in for teacher to take a photo of.  This will be added to other objects with basic shapes. This will teach drawing cubes, cylinders and domes the foundations for still life object drawings.
S2 – Core Theme – Understanding still life, graphics, 3d modeling, landscape painting 
  • Graphic design - Teacher choice, Poster design In Photoshop, Packaging design or shop front design are all possible project pupils will be taugh, they will create repeat patterns, form their own font designs and stylise their work
  • Landscape painting -Using David Hockey as landscape inspiration and photos from around the Ayrshire coast and landscape, they will create their own landscape painting in Hockney’s style.  
  • Wayne Thiebaud cupcakes in clay. 
  • Still life - Vanitas life and death drawing exploring composition in their art work.
S3 – Core Theme –Harmony and Conflict
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  • Conflict Portraiture unit -  Pupils create portraits which relate to their own personal conflict. It could tie in with what pupils are studying in other subjects – War(past or present), health, covid, family, social or environmental concerns.Outcome can also be developed into poster 

2.  Book cover design  - Local Issues in Irvine. Design a book cover for ‘ Irvine clean up crew’.  

3. Harmony head piece – Created from recycled material (harmony for the planet, with a limited colour scheme)

4. Still life –   Personal still life objects will be painted with these techniques -  painting tonally and using pointillism, This will lead into N5 artwork.




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