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BGE S1 to s3

S1 – Core Theme – Identity and My Home

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  • Introduction to the Visual Element – Folder cover will be created with personalised font design that show pupils personal interests and hobbies.
  • Portraiture unit -  Pupils create self-portraits, adding in their own personal background. Using Klimt, Van Gogh and Lichtenstein as inspiration.
  • Clay portrait plant pot – Pupils will create a 3d plant pot as a gift for an important person at Xmas.
  • Pakistani Truck Art –  Looking at how the trucks are created, using the truck owner personal identity to decorate the trucks. Pupils will use the natural environment around them as drawing inspirations for their truck motifs and local patterns in Irvine for their relief and mono prints.
  • Still life – Home, all pupils will take a photo of a favourite cup in their house or bring one in for teacher to take a photo of.  This will be added to Scottish tunic teacakes and wafers. This will teach drawing cubes, cylinders and domes the foundations for still life object drawings.
S2 – Core Theme – Environment  - Exploring community and responsibility

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  • Our Town  - Using photographs of Irvine. Pupils will begin with pen and ink wash drawings and finding patterns from shapes in the photos. In Photoshop, they will create repeat patterns and alter colours to make a poster to advertise the area. 
  • Landscape painting -Using David Hockey as landscape inspiration and photos from around the Ayrshire coast and landscape, they will create their own landscape painting in Hockney’s style.  
  • Architecture – Pupils will create a model pavilion for the school grounds in clay using Miles Van Der Rohe or Zaha Hadid as inspiration. 
  • Jabberwocky – Pupils wll look at what is causing harm in the world? What is the pupils environmental beast? By using the narrative and imagery in the Jabberwocky poem they will to look at issues important to the pupil.  - Waste / littering/ politics / health & wellbeing.  They will then produce a Collage / mixed media  painting.
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