The BGE S3 Photography, S4 NPA 4/5 Photography and Higher Photography courses are delivered by the Art and Design department, they are designed to inspire and challenge students.

These courses provide opportunities for vertical and lateral progression to further education and to other SQA qualifications in Photography and other related subjects.

All courses are completed within Google Classroom  OR through  the Google Shared Drive, all project work can be completed on the Drive, at school or at home.  If the pupils do not have suitable IT support at home please discuss this with class teacher, to see if  Irvine Royal can help. We aim to support all pupils in Irvine Royal Academy. evan2.jpg amy2.jpgamy.jpgShaun2.jpgharvey.jpgiona.jpgLori.jpgharvey2.jpg


Candidates are required to represent their personal thoughts visually through the medium of photography. Using an integrated approach to learning, students project plan, develop and produce imaginative photographs. They also develop their appreciation of photographic work and practice.

  • The skills that students acquire are valuable for learning, life and work.
  • Higher Photography allows students to broaden and deepen their skills base, and to widen their choice of possible future vocations.
  • Students use creative and technical problem-solving skills, and are required to reflect critically on their own work and that of others.
  • The learning experiences in the course are flexible and adaptable, with opportunities for personalisation and choice.
  • In the examples above and below, you can see examples of students’ work, showcasing the range of themes they chose to express their ideas. Many aspects of photography are explored, including portraiture, landscape and still life. Students often include their friends and family in a wide range of shooting scenarios and styles.

SQA Photography Film resources can be found here:





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