Promoting Positive Relationships Policy

The updated staff guidance and pupil flowchart outline our approaches towards promoting positive relationships and reinforces our commitment towards inclusion.


It intends to promote a nurturing, restorative approach that we continue to develop in Irvine Royal Academy.


Our Classroom Management Procedures flowchart continues to make clear our expectations on how we support our young people to remain on track during learning and teaching. All behaviour is communication and we need to be highly mindful of this when managing young people and supporting them to self-regulate.


Being consistently nurturing is about ensuring that discipline experiences, when the happen, are as constructive as possible, the alternative being destructive and can lead to enduring anti-social behaviour (Skiba 2006).


Our young people still need to know however, that actions have consequences and they need to take responsibility for their behaviours but we remain mindful of the times we are currently living in and the impact that Covid19 has had and continues to have on educational provision.


·       Duty SLT to be contacted at “5” on flowchart, where a pupil refuses to move to another supervised space within the Department.

·       Lunchtime reflection will take now place within Departments.

·       Codes will now be used to share information over the radio to limit unnecessary detail being overheard – it is vital that pupil names and context are not shared.

·       Pupils will be given 2 opportunities to attend Reset after which it goes back to the PT/FH to reintegrate the young person back into the classroom, with the support and involvement of the class teacher.


You can access the full policy, flowcharts and procedures by clicking on the following link:

Promoting Positive Relationships Policy 2021-22






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